Mark Smith, the owner of FIITBOXFITNESS, also an opex ccp coach, has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Mark has had success with all of his clients, ranging from competative hockey players, functional fitness athletes aspiring to better their skills in the sport, to older adults who want to live a healthy lifestyle and improve their quality of life. Mark takes great pride in achieving the best results whether it is himself, his clients, friends or family. Fitness has been a big part of Mark’s life, starting when he was a young hockey player trying to better himself to get to the professional level. That dream came true through all of his hard work at the age of 20 when he played his first professional hockey game in Odessa, Texas. Mark was fortunate enough to play 12 years as a professional hockey player all over the world, ending in the United Kingdom with the Cardiff Devils.
Following his professional hockey career, Mark applied his skills to playing professional golf tournaments for 3 years in Arizona. He soon found out how difficult it was and had to retire after his third year. All of Mark’s experiences over his professional athletic career have lead him to starting a professional fitness coaching career, and now, being the CEO and head coach at FIITBOXFITNESS, Mark utilizes functional training to highly improve his clients’ fitness levels. With this type of training, Mark has found that all areas of life improve, including energy, mood, cardiovascular fitness, muscle development, fat loss, strength, and confidence



As a youth, Marco excelled at team-based sports, but by the time he was a teenager, he began gravitating towards individual sports such as downhill skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Marco enjoyed individualized sports more because they allowed him to compete against the expectations, he alone placed on himself.
Marco found a resurgence in his fitness journey when at 25 years old, he found himself unhappy with where he was at in life. Lost with little direction, Marco would find temporarily fulfillment for voids in his life with, what many at this age can relate to; alcohol and partying. Desperate for a change, Marco began noticing the tremendous therapeutic value he found in physical movement, he began doing yoga, then hiking, slacklining, rock climbing and running. No longer wishing to mistreat his body, Marco saw his overall health improve but still wanted more. 
Always considering himself strong, Marco was quickly humbled once he entered the world of strength and conditioning. The discipline, the lows and highs, the thrill in seeing gradual results, he was hooked! Marco found that functional fitness enhanced all facets of his life and saw improvements in his physical self, mood and positivity. The discipline needed to excel in the gym setting, directly transferred to making healthy lifestyle choices and living a happier life.
But it wasn’t until Marco hired a coach through Fiitbox Fitness that his game drastically improved. He enjoyed the individualized programming and found that not only was the fitness prescriptions exactly what he needed to progress, but the lifestyle principals gave him a renewed sense of discipline. 
Marco is now enrolled in #OPEXCCP to become a professional functional fitness coach, and looks forward to the journey ahead of continued learning and sharing the benefits of movement and general wellness with anyone who is wise enough to hear it.